The NIRB maintains a series of forms designed for project proponents to satisfy the information requirements of the Screening process. Completed forms in English and Inuktitut and/or Inuinnaqtun are required to accompany all project proposals submitted to the NIRB for consideration.

Request Form for information from the electronic registry
NIRB Part 1 Form
NIRB Part 3 Project Specific Information Request Form (English)

Once in force, the Nunavut Planning and Project Assessment Act (NuPPAA) will make the NIRB and its employees subject to specific provisions of the Access to Information Act. The NIRB’s form for requesting information from the electronic registry will be updated and made available to reflect these new requirements for the coming into force of the NuPPAA.

The NIRB is currently developing a new public registry system which will include an electronic version of the NIRB’s forms that can be completed online. The new registry system is expected to be released in the coming months.