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** Una qagitauyakkuvik havagiyauyuq numiktiqtaunianik. Quanaqutin utaqittiagavin. **

Originally from a small town in rural Manitoba, Erin joined the Board in November 2018. While completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Geology at the University of Manitoba, Erin gained experience as a field geology assistant for the Manitoba Geological Survey, in support of regional bedrock mapping projects in northern Manitoba. She then moved on to work in base metal exploration in the Sudbury Basin of northern Ontario. Erin also has extensive experience in administrative roles in the medical, education and private industry fields. Erin had the opportunity to move to Nunavut in 2015 with her partner and has since developed an appreciation for the northern way of life. Erin works for the Board remotely from Arviat and when not at work enjoys spending time on the land, walking her dogs and finding new adventures.