Technical Advisor I
(867) 983-4622

Mia was born and raised in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. Mia joined the Nunavut Impact Review Board in 2016 as a Junior Technical Advisor. She is actively learning how to speak Inuinnaqtun, the language of her community. Mia has always had a love for science and the environment, as well as sharing her Traditional Inuit Knowledge with others. Mia is a youth mentor for Ikaarvik: Barriers to Bridges, a program that brings together Arctic researchers and Indigenous youth to bridge science and Traditional Knowledge so that they can both benefit each other. Mia also took part in the 2019 Ocean Bridge Program, working with 39 other youth from all across Canada on ocean conservation initiatives and ocean service projects. She has a huge passion for working with other Indigenous youth, southern researchers, and organizations all over the world in ways to mitigate Climate Change impacts. When she’s not at work, Mia enjoys going out fishing, hunting and spending time with her family.