From: Brian Aglukark []
Sent: September 19, 2007 11:01 AM
To: 'Jeff Rusk';
Cc:; 'Leslie Payette';;
Subject: RE: 06MN082 (High Lake) Project & Shipping Activities through North Baffin Planning Region

Hello Jeff;


This email is a confirmation from our previous telephone discussions that the proposal listed above will not require a review for conformity against the North Baffin Regional land Use Plan.  NPC recognizes the proposed marine (shipping route) corridor as mentioned in the project description as part of an preexisting marine corridor.




Further to questions regarding the Ferguson proposal file NWB 2BE-FER0507 and Jerome Denchezhe’s file for a fuel cache sent to NIRB after the NPC conformity process, this email is a notification that the files in question should not have been sent to NIRB, but screened out per the 12-1 exemption list.  And, please be informed that the NPC currently does not have a process in place that would formally allow a “cumulative effects” review therefore will not be performing such duties until this process has been created.


Any questions concerns, please do not hesitate.


Thank You for your patients in this matter.



Brian Aglukark

Director Regional Planning

Nunavut Planning Commission

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From: Jeff Rusk []
Sent: August 31, 2007 9:15 AM
To: Brian Aglukark
Cc: Kevin Buck; Ryan Barry
Subject: 06MN082 (High Lake) Project & Shipping Activities through North Baffin Planning Region


Hi Brian.


This email is in regards to our recent telephone conversation related to the High Lake Project (NIRB # 06MN082) and its shipping activities which may occur within the North Baffin planning region.


For your reference, all documents related to this file (including INAC, NWB, and KIA applications) are located on our FTP site at the following location:


This project is currently at a Part 5 Review and, although the land activities of the project are in the West Kitikmeot, while undertaking scoping it has been noted that there may be shipping activities related to the project traveling through the North Baffin Planning Region.  As such, we need to address whether or not the NPC needs to conduct a North Baffin Land Use Plan conformity determination for this project. 


For your convenience, I have attached in PDF form Volume 2, Section 4.6 (Mobilization and Shipping), pages 88-95 of the project proposal which specifically defines the shipping related activities of the project.  This may assist you in your consideration of this material.


Considering the importance of this matter in relation to scheduled Part 5 Review proceedings, we hope for an indication from the NPC at your earliest opportunity.


Thanks and regards,


Jeff Rusk

GIS Database Administrator

Nunavut Impact Review Board

Cambridge Bay, NU

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