When designing a project and prior to submitting a project proposal to the Nunavut Planning Commission, it is recommended that the Proponent begin engagement and consultations as soon as possible with individual members of an affected community, as well as organized community interest groups.  In each community there are a number of individuals, community groups or public interest groups who may have relevant community knowledge related to the proposed project and, as such, may be contribute to the Proponent’s knowledge in their respective area(s) of expertise.  

The NIRB recommends that public engagement occur throughout the life of the project, including, but not limited to:

  • Project proposal development
  • Impact assessment process (screening process and/or review process)
  • Licensing/Permitting process
  • Project development
  • Closure
  • Post-closure 

It is important to present information in an acceptable manner with a focus on the recognition of the cross-cultural setting in Nunavut.  Proponents are advised to recognize the history and economy of the community, as well as past community knowledge related to development and the NIRB process.  Project proposals submitted to the NIRB for screening should contain a description of the public consultation program/strategy the Proponent has conducted, or intends to conduct.