The Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) works closely with other impact assessment and licencing boards and agencies whose responsibilities and jurisdiction align closely with the NIRB or the Nunavut Settlement Area. In some cases the NIRB may enter into a formal Memorandum Of Understanding to guide this coordination.

The NIRB currently has the following Memorandums Of Understanding (MOUs) in place with external agencies:

The NIRB currently has the following Implementation Plans in place with external agencies:

Assessing Projects Outside the Nunavut Settlement Area

Section 12.11.1 of the Nunavut Agreement addresses the assessment of projects with potential transboundary impacts:

NIRB may upon request by Government or, with the consent of Government, upon request by a DIO, review a project proposal located outside of the Nunavut Settlement Area which may have significant adverse ecosystemic or socio-economic effects on the Nunavut Settlement Area.

In cases where it has been requested that the NIRB review a project located outside of its normal jurisdiction, the NIRB will be required to cooperate with neighbouring agencies in the consultation with potentially-affected communities.

Government Coordination

It is also important to recognize that the responsibility for coordinating with neighbouring jurisdictions also extends to governments. Section 12.11.2 of the Nunavut Agreement speaks to the collaboration in the review of projects with transboundary impacts:

Without limiting the jurisdiction of NIRB or EARP as set out in this Article, the Government of Canada and the Territorial Government, assisted by NIRB, shall use their best efforts to negotiate agreements with other jurisdictions to provide for collaboration in the review of project proposals which may have significant transboundary ecosystemic or socio-economic impacts.