NIRB gathers input from many organizations


Screening assessments are carried out by the NIRB within 45 days and include a public commenting period. Pursuant to section 92(1) of the Nunavut Planning and Project Assessment Act, the NIRB has three options available when submitting its screening decision report to the responsible Minister

a)    a review of the project is not required;
b)    a review of the project is required;
c)    the project should be modified or abandoned.

NIRB gathers input from
many organizations

Board Decision Options

Minister's decision


Reviews are more comprehensive assessments generally reserved for major development projects or projects that may cause significant public concern. Reviews require the development of an Impact Statement by the Proponent, and the scheduling of a public hearing by the NIRB. Projects that are approved following a Review by the NIRB are issued a Project Certificate and may be monitored by the NIRB.

Three Phases of the Review Process

Full Review Steps


The terms and conditions contained in:

(a) a NIRB Project Certificate;
(b) a NIRB Screening Decision; or
(c) any approvals issued by the Nunavut Water Board,

may provide for the establishment of a monitoring program for that project which may specify responsibilities for the proponent, NIRB or Government.

The purpose of a NIRB monitoring program is:

(a) to measure the relevant effects of projects on the ecosystemic and socio economic environments of the Nunavut Settlement Area;
(b) to determine whether and to what extent the land or resource use in question is carried out within the predetermined terms and conditions;
(c) to provide the information base necessary for agencies to enforce terms and conditions of land or resource use approvals; and
(d) to assess the accuracy of the predictions contained in the project impact statements.