Upon completion of the screening assessment for your project proposal, the NIRB will issue a screening decision report to the Minister(s) with responsibility for authorizing the proposed activities.  The NIRB’s determination will include a recommendation regarding whether a full environmental review is required, or whether the project may proceed with recommended project-specific terms and conditions.  The NIRB’s screening decision report is posted to the online public registry and notice is distributed to the email distribution list for the assessment.  Most project proposals which undergo screening are approved to proceed with recommended terms and conditions, as full environmental reviews are typically reserved for major development projects, projects for which there is significant public concern and projects utilizing technological innovations for which the effects are unknown. 

The federal or territorial governments, designated Inuit organizations and other agencies that regulate and permit the proposed activities are considered to be “authorizing agencies”.  The responsible government Minister(s) will issue, in writing, a decision document that accepts, varies or rejects the recommendation from the NIRB.  Once the decision document has been issued, authorizing agencies can issue licences, permits and approvals in accordance with their respective processes.

The NIRB also has the ability to establish monitoring programs for projects which may specify responsibilities for the proponent, for the NIRB or for government. Monitoring requirements for projects approved to proceed following a NIRB screening may include submission of annual reports or other post-assessment items.