A complete project proposal is required to facilitate the NIRB’s screening process and should include information about the proposed project, where it would be located, how it would be carried out, when it would occur and other supporting information to assist in evaluating the potential for impacts to occur from the proposed activities. Upon registering an account at www.nirb.ca, a detailed online application form guides Proponents in addressing these information requirements and initiating the screening process. More complex projects and advanced developments will trigger more fields to be filled out within the application form; proposals may also benefit from the submission of additional supporting information, such as wildlife management and monitoring plans, archaeological/paleontological survey results, maps, etc.

In completing the online application form Proponents will be asked to provide information regarding public engagement and consultation efforts undertaken associated with the project. Depending on the area of proposed operation, non-technical summaries in English, Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun and/or French will be required and must be provided before the NIRB can initiate the public commenting period. Upon completing the online application form in English, the information will be transferred into Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun and French templates to assist in facilitating translation of this information by the Proponent.

Proponents may register for an account and complete the NIRB’s online application form at any time; submitted applications will be acknowledged by the NIRB, however screening cannot be initiated until receipt of a formal referral for screening from the Nunavut Planning Commission (NPC) is received. Should you believe that your project proposal may require screening by the NIRB, you are encouraged to complete your online application and translation of your supporting materials as early as possible, to avoid delays once screening has been initiated.

Project proposals should be designed to provide plain-language information in sufficient detail to ensure the NIRB and the general public can fully understand the scope of the proposed activities and how their potential impacts would be managed by the Proponent. The NIRB’s office can be contacted at any time to assist in further explaining what information may be beneficial in supporting your project proposal.