GIS Specialist
(867) 983-4613

Jorgen Komak was born and raised Kangikhoayok (Daniel Moore Bay) west of Omingmaktok. His grandfather and his immediate family lived there year-round. Bathurst Inlet was a trading post at that time and he and his family would go there to buy store bought food. He began working for the NIRB in November 1996 and has been employed by the NIRB ever since then. His first position was GIS Specialist. A few years later he became a Technical Advisor to help ease the work load for very few technical advisors that NIRB had at the time. When NIRB staff was expanded and few more were hired, he went back into GIS along with IT work attached his job description. Jorgen is fluent in English and Inuinnaqtun (written and oral). Before moving to NIRB, Jorgen was employed by Kitikmeot Inuit Association as a Lands Manager. While employed by KIA, there was a required course called Environmental Technology and this course included GIS (geographical information systems) which would enhance his knowledge for the position. At Jorgen’s current position he generates projection location reports for active screening files. The project location report could be site specific showing the nearest community that may be affected by project. It could also include all of Nunavut such as a Northwest Passage cruise and may affect many communities along its sailing route. There’s been screening files that have transboundary issues and not limited to N.W.T. The project location reports may include other layers such terrestrial wildlife, sea mammals, migrating water fowl and birds, aquatic species and land tenure. Jorgen’s hobbies include watching sports and the news. He has never considered being out on the land as a hobby. Jorgen grew up on the land before attending residential school and moving to Cambridge Bay. He has a growing extended family.