The Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) provides many opportunities to make your views known, to ensure your concerns and ideas are addressed throughout the impact assessment process. The members of the NIRB are appointed through nominations by Inuit organizations and government to make decisions together. The NIRB staff are located in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut and are here to listen and work with you!

Special efforts are made to ensure Inuit voices are heard throughout the NIRB’s processes. The emphasis on gathering Inuit input is unique in Canada, originating with the NIRB’s objectives as set out in Section 12.2.5 of the Nunavut Agreement:

The primary objectives of NIRB shall be at all times to protect and promote the existing and future well-being of the residents and communities of the Nunavut Settlement Area, and to protect the ecosystemic integrity of the Nunavut Settlement Area…”

The NIRB has developed a series of public guides in English, Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun and French which can be accessed online and provide an overview of the NIRB’s process and how to become involved at each step. Check out our public guides and learn how to effectively participate in the assessment of proposed projects near your community!

The NIRB posts every piece of information regarding each of its impact assessments online on a public registry that can be accessed by anyone. Check out our news page to see what assessments are currently active and consider submitting your comments for the NIRB’s consideration!

The NIRB also regularly holds public meetings, workshops and hearings in communities that could be affected by proposed development, so that public concerns can be properly addressed and public engagement further encouraged. Check out our activities calendar to see what meetings and public commenting opportunities are available!